Vehicle produciton sets new record

Written by Michael Renner

Car production and use remain heavily concentrated in North America, Western Europe, and Japan.  These three regions together accounted for 70% of global passenger care production in 2003 and for more than 2/3 of all cars o­n the road in 2002.  Car density relative to population in by far the highest in the United States.  Western Europe had a car density in 2002 comparable to the U.S. level of the 1970s.  And China's car density today is equivalent to U.S. levels in 1912.  Automobiles are major contributors to global climate change.  Carbon emissions from U.S. gasoline use--at 1.139 million tons in 2002--surpassed those of the entire Japanese economy.

Michael Renner, Vital Signs 2005, p.56.

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