Practical Measures for National Security

Written by Wendell Berry

One might reasonably assume that a policy of national security would advocate from the start various practical measures to conserve and to use frugally the nation's resources, the objects of this husbandry being a reduction in the nation's dependence on imports and a reduction in the competition between nations for necessary goods.  One might reasonably expect the virtues of stweardship, thrift, self-sufficiency, and neighborliness to receive a certain precedence in the advocacy of political leaders.  Since the country, to make itself secure, may be required to rely on itself, one might reasonably expect a due concern for the health and longevity of its soils, forests, and watersheds, its natural and its human communities, its domestic economy, and the natural systems on which that economy inescapably depends.

Wendell Berry, Citizens Dissent, pp.16-17.

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