Transforming corporations

Written by Erik Assadourian

Corporate social and financial performance correlate for many reasons.  First, by shrinking waste output and production inefficiencies, companies can reduce both environmental impacts and overall costs--and in the process increase competitiveness.

     Second, responsible companies often prosper because they are able to attract and retain a higher-quality workforce.

     Third, responsible companies benefit in the marketplace, enjoying improved reputations for being good to their workers, ecofriendly, or philanthropic.

     A fourth benefit is that responsible corporations can reduce three other forms of risk as well--being subjected to new regulations, being pressured to change policies by concerned investors, and being affected by increasing business costs. 

     Fifth and finally, being a responsible company is providing increased access to completely new markets.

Erik Assadourian, State of the World 2006, pp.173-175.

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