"Takings" and the "ownership society"

Written by Vandana Shiva

The entire foundation of the "ownership society" is based on new enclosures.  And the contrived law to justify contemporary enclosures is based on 3 false assumptions:

    The first is the erasure of the history of colonization as a taking, and the denial of the experience of occupied inhabitants and their prior rights and prior claims.

    The second is the defining of the behavior of states acting on the public trust doctrine as the same as the eminent domain.  Public trust recognizes community rights of people to common property, common goods, and community resources as the highest rights, with government delegated as the trustee to protect the common wealth.  The eminent domain principle is based on denial of community sovereignty, and enables government to act against the public--and the common good.

    The third deliberate distortion is the reduction of public  to individual.  Public is used both for government as well as collective interests and community organizations.  However, cowboy capitalism reduces society to individuals, and makes community disappear.  

Vandana Shiva, Earth Democracy, pp.46-47.

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