Globalized Food

Written by Vandana Shiva

The globalized food system is controlled and driven by agribusiness corporations is creating a fourfold crisis.  The first is the crisis of nonsustaqinability because of overexploitation of soil and water, destruction of biodiversity, and the spread of toxic pollution from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  The second is the crisis faced by small farmers and producers.  The third is the crisis of hunger, with a billion people denied their rightful share of the earth's produce.  The fourth is the obesity crisis, of which one billion people are victims, and 400,000die annually due to diseases related to obesity.  These four dimensions of our food crisis are aqctually caused by industrialization of food production and globalization of food distribution.  This crisis is simultaneously ecological, economic, cultural and political.

Vandana Shiva, Earth Democracy, pp. 151-152.

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