The worst social record

Written by Paul Hawken

By almost any measure of well-being, the United States brings up the rear:  It is #1 in prison population(726 prison inmates per 100,000 people versue 91 in France and 58 in Japan), first in teen pregnancies, drug use, child hunger, poverty, illiteracy, obesity, diabetes, use of antidepressants, income disparity, violence, firearms death, military spending, hazardous waste production, recorded rapes, and the poor quality of its schools (The US is the only country in the world besides Iraq where schools need metal detectors.)  It has the highest trade budget as a proportion of national income and has seen more than 30 million workers laid off by corporations since, 1984, most of whom were permanently consigned to lower-wage jobs.

Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest, pp.118-9.

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