Wartime urgency

Written by Lester Brown

Plan B includes a wholesale restructuring of the world's energy economy with a wartime sense of urgency, much as the U.S. restructured its industrial economy in a matter of months at the beginning of World War II.  

    The three components of this carbon-cutting effort are halting deforestation while planting trees to sequester carbon, raising energy efficiency worldwide, and harnessing the earth's renewable sources of energy.  Plan B calls for using the most energy-efficient technologies for lighting, for heating and cooling buildings, and for transportation.  It calls for an ambitious exploitation of the earth's solar, wind, and geothermal energy sources.  It means, for example, a wholesale shift to plug-in hybrid cars, running them largely on wind-generated electricity.

    The stakes in World War II were high, but they are far higher today.  What is at issue now is whether we can mobilize fast enough to save our global civilization. 

Lester Brown, Plan B 3.0.  Mobilizing to Save Civilization, p.67.

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