Seven interventions

Written by David Korten

7 interventions to move toward a life-based economy

Living-wealth indicators:  Replace financial indicators with indicators of human- and natural-systems health as the basis for evaluating economic performance.

Living-wealth money system:  Redesign the money system to direct the flow of money to productive Main Street business rather than to Wall Street speculators.

Shared prosperity:  Redistribute income and ownership to achieve a more iquitable distribution of power and real wealth.

Living enterprises:  Redfine the purpose of the enterprise from making money to serving community needs, and favor enterprise forms that support this purpose.

Real democracy/real markets:  Free both the market and democracy from coprporate domination by breaking up concentrations of economic power and limiting political participation to real people.

Local living economies:    Create a planetary system of coherent, self-reliant local economies that function as subsystems of their local ecosystems.

Global rules:  Restructure global rules and institutions to support all of the above.

David Korten, Agenda for a New Economy, 2d. ed., p.169

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