A consensus taking different manifestations

Written by David Korten

Political divisions among grassroots organizations tend to obscure an almost universal sense of having been betrayed by distant institutions that act contrary to society’s interests.  The supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission,  which gave corporations carte blanche to buy elections, added to the nonpartisan outrage.  According to Gary Langer (The Numbers, ABC News, 02/17/10) follow-up polls reported that the Supreme  Court decision was opposed by 80% of Americans, including 76, 81, and 85 percent of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats respectively—a truly extraordinary consensus in this time of political division.

The sense that Wall Street and Washington are running out of control in pursuit of agendas contrary to the interests of ordinary people is the basis for a powerful political realignment of ordinary people supportive of a New Economy agenda of institutional transformation to root out both economic and political power in people and community.

David Korten,  Agenda for a New Economy, 2d. ed., p.141

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