Are you making a difference?

Written by David Korten

So how do you know whether your work is contributing to a better big-picture world outcome?  If you can answer yes to any one of the following 5 questions, then be assured that it is.

1.  Does it help discredit a false cultural story fabricated to legitimize relationships of domination and exploitation and to replace it with a true story describing unrealized possibilities for growing the real wealth of healthy communities?

2.  Is it connecting  others of the movement’s millions of leaders who didn’t previously know one another, helping them find common cause and build relationships of mutual trust that allow them to speak honestly from their hearts and to know that they can call on one another for support when needed?

3.  Is it creating and expanding liberated social spaces in which people experience the freedom and support to experiment with living the creative, cooperative, self-organizing relationships of the new story they seek to bring into the larger culture?

4.  Is it providing a public demonstration of the possibilities of a real-wealth economy?

5.  Is it mobilizing support for a rule change that will shift the balance of power from the people and institutions of the Wall Street phantom-wealth economy to the people and institutions of living-wealth Main Street Economies.

David Korten, Agenda for a New Economy, 2d. ed., pp. 269-272.

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