We have what it takes to do the job!

Written by Lester Brown

The good news is that we have the resources needed to decrease carbon dioxide emissions, combat global warming, restore the earth’s natural systems and feed a growing population by restructuring the economy.  Restructuring the energy economy, including a shift to more energy-efficient technologies and the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable sources, can be achieved largely by lowering the tax on incomes and raising the tax on carbon.  Plan B calls for phasing in a worldwide carbon tax of $200/ton by 2020, while offsetting it at each step of the way with a reduction in income taxes.

            The budget for restoring the earth’s natural systems, stabilizing population, and eradicating poverty will require $200 billion/year in additional expenditures.  This can be achieved simply by updating the concept of national security and reallocating the security budget accordingly.

Lester Brown, World on the Edge, p.97.

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