If the bar code on the typical package of pork chops summoned images of the CAFO it came from, and information on the pig's diet and drug regimen, who could bring themselves to buy it? Our food system depends on consumers not knowing much about it beyond

Written by Jay Walljasper

The enclosure of the commons inaugurates a new ecological order.  Enclosure did not just physically transfer the control over grasslands from the peasants to the lord.  It marked a radical change in th attitudes of society toward the environment.  Before, most of the environment had been considered a commons from which most people could draw most of their sustenance without needing to take recourse to the market.  After enclosure, the environment became primarily a resource of “enterprises,” which, by organizing wage labor, transformed nature into the goods and services on which the satisfaction of basic needs by consumers depend.

Jay  Walljasper, All That We Share,  P.67

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