A swelling swilling populaton

Written by Al Gore

In the next dozen years, India will surpass China for at least the balance of the century as the most populous nation on Earth.  In the next two dozen years, Africa will have more people than either China or India and by the end of the century is projected to have more people that both combined.  Half of the global population growth over the next 4 decades is projected to take place in Africa, which is now on track to more than triple its present population, to an astonishing 3.6 billion, by the end of this century.  Given the dangerously low levels of soil fertility in much of sub-Sahara Africa, shortages of freshwater, poor governance in many countries and the projected impact of global warming, the limits of growth in Africa are like to be a central focus of the world's attention in the balance of the 21st century.

Al Gore, The Future, p.166

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