African overfecundity

Written by Al Gore

On a global basis, women now have an average of 2.5 children during their childbearing years.  In Africa, however, the average is almost 4.5 children per woman.  Moreover, in 4 African countries, the average woman is still expected to have more than six children, leading to disruptive and unsustainable population growth.  Malawi, for example, which has 15 million people today, is projected to have a nearly tenfold increase in population by the end of the century to an estimated 129 million.  The African nation with the largest population, Nigeria, is projected to increase to slightly more than 160 million today to more that 730 million by 2100.  That would put Nigeria's population at the level of China in the mid-1960s.

Al Gore, The Future, p.169

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