Triple-bottom-line businesses

Written by Colleen Cordes

The conventional model for publicly traded corporations--regardless of the personal morality of the people who manage and direct them--has been the myopic focus on maximizing short-term financial returns for a relative few, typically investors and top executives.  Attention to the consequences for everyone else on the planet, and for the planet itself, has bee frequently downgraded to a matter of doing the minimum necessary to stay within the bounds of the law.

A dramatic movement led by privately held small and medium-sized companies, is aimed at something more substantial: a new way of doing business.  It is based on an expanded sense of mission that includes positive social impacts, environmental sustainability, and, in its most visionary form not just sustained financial profits but also contributions to a more broadly and fairly shared prosperity.

Colleen Cordes, State of the World 2014, pp.203-4.


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