Most Americans face a spiritual crisis

Written by Michael Lerner, Rabbi

Instead of tracing the cause of America's spiritual crisis to the selfishness and materialism that marks corporate America's bottom line, the Religious Right chose to make an unholy alliance with the political Right.  The political Right has traditionally argued that the best interests of all will be served if corporations and the marketplace are given freedom from all social responsibility and allowed to pursue their own path.  In buying into this worldview, the Religious Right gained a foothold to bring its own religious agenda into politics.  But the cost of this was to turn a blind eye to the source of the problem.  This is their central contradiction:  the Religious Right has become the champion of the same system that daily infuses into people a set of values that generates the very ethos of selfishness and materialism that the Religious Right rejects in principle.

Republicans have not been conflicted about serving the powerful.  So here is the unfortunate irony and hypocrisy of the alliance between the Republican Party and the Religious Right.  The Religious Right is supposedly attentive to scripture.  Some even take a fundamentalist approach to the Bible.  That Bible commands special sensitivity to the needs of the poor and the powerless.  Yet those on the Religious Right end up giving their votes to a group of right-wing congressional representatives whose policies starkly reject this biblical mandate.

Rabbi Michael Lerner, The Right Hand of God, pp.103-5.

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