The unsustainable cost of climate change

Written by Naomi Klein

The costs of coping with increasing weather extremes are astronomical.  In the United States, each major disaster seems to cost taxpayers upward of a billion dollars.  The cost of Superstorm Sandy is estimated at $65 billion.  And that was just one year after Hurricane Irene caused around $10 billion, just one episode in a year that saw $14 billion disasters in the u.S. alone.  Globally, 2011 holds the title as the costliest year for diasters, with total damages reaching at least $380 billion.  And with policymakers still locked in the vise grip of austerity logic, these rising emergency expenditures are being offset with cuts to everyday public spending, which makes societies even more vulnerable during the next disaster--a classic vicious cycle.  It was never a good ideal to neglect the foundations of our society in this way.

Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything, p.108

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