A duty to protect water

Written by Naomi Klein

The duty  to protect water doesn't just unite opposition to this one pipeline, it is the animating force behind every single movement fighting extreme extraction.  Whether deepwater drilling, fracking, or mining; whether pipelines, big rigs, or export terminals, communities are terrified about what these activities will do to their water systems.  This fear is what binds together the southeastern Montana cattle ranchers with the Northern Cheyenne with the Washington State communities fighting coal train and export terminals.  Fear of contaminated drinking water is what kick-started the anti-fracking movement (and when a proposal surfaced that would allow the drilling of roughly 20,000 fracking wells in the Delaware River Basin--the source of freshwater for 15 million Americans--it is what kicked the movement squarely into the U.S. mainstream. 

Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything, pp.345-6

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