The real problem: corruption in governements.

Written by Naomi Klein

The real problem is not that trade deals are allowing fossil fuel companies to challenge governments, it's that governments are not fighting back against these corporate challenges.  And that has less to do with any any individual trade agreement than it does with the profoundly corrupted state of our political systems.

Like the trees, soil, rocks, and clay that the industry's machines, scrape up, masticate, and pile into great slag heaps,democracy is getting torn into rubble too, chewed up and tossed aside to make way for the bulldozers.

As George Monbiot, The Guardian's indispensable environmental columnist, put it on the 25th anniversary of the rio Earth Summit, "Was it too much to have asked of the world's governments, which performed such miracles in developing stealth bombers and drone warfare, global markets and trillion-dollar bailouts, that they might spend a tenth of the energy and resources they devot3ed to these projects on defending our living planet?  It seems, sadly, that it was."

Naomi Klein, p.360; p.363, p.364.

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