Coherent political action is needed

Written by Peter Timmerman

As the 1980s wore on, it became more and more obvious that the the series of local environmental crises were, in fact, symptoms of an emerging global environmental crises.  This was dramatically signaled by the hole in the ozone layer discovered over the Antarctic, and the dire predictions of global warming that finally broke through int the public consciousness in 1988.  It was at last recognized that we were at one of the great turning points of human history, and that decisions made (or avoided) by this generation would shape the ecological future of the earth.

Unfortunately, the response to this recognition has been slow, not just because of the reluctance of governments to move faster. For its part, the environmental movement has found it hard to make the transition from simple protest--saying " no" to coherent political action--saying what to do.

Peter Timmerman, Western Buddhism and the Global Crisis, in Dharma Rain, p.364

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