Green taxes

Written by Briggs and Peat

Many believe that organizations have a larger responsibility for something other than their self-interest and. in the case of businesses, their profit.  Inspired by the chaos theory and by the Gaia Hypothesis--the idea that the whole planet is a kind of self-organized life-form--some scientists, economists and politicians have proposed that we ensure responsibility by assessing corporations a charge proportionate to the identifiable stresses each o­ne puts o­n the environment and social fabric from which it profits.

The argument is that these stresses with have to be paid by society sooner or later in the form of toxix-waste cleanup, unemployment, welfare, or municipal decay if the company abandons the community.  The tax would be a fiscal acknowledgement of the feedback loops that link the corporation to the world around it but that corporations have been allowed to pretend don't exist.

Seven Life Lessons of Chaos
, John Briggs  and F. David Peat., pp.70-71.

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