Progress has been toward brad-based sustainable development

Written by Weaver, Rock & Kusterer

There have been dramatic developments in human development in  recent history::

*  Between 1950 and 1990, combined life expectancy for men and women has increased from 40 to 63 years.

* Literacy rate increased from 46% in 1970 to 69% in 1992.

* .Real growth in per capita GDP was higher between 1950 and 1990 was higer than in any other period in recorded history.

*  We now have a clearer understanding between growth, poverty, and equity.

*  We now see that initial conditions esert a substantial influence on development policies and outcomes

*  We now understand the importance of stable economic rules and stable governments for development performance.

Weaver, Rock & Kusterer, Achieving Broad-based Sustainable Development, p.4; p.53, 




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