Silent Spring3

Written by Al Gore

In 1992, 2.2 billion pounds of pesticides were used in this country--eight pounds for every man. woman and child. Many of the pesticieds in use are know to be quite carcinogenic; others work by poisoning the nervous and immune systems of insects, and perhaps of humans.

In 1988, the EPA reported that the ground water in thirty-two states was contaminated with seventy-four different agricultural chemicals, including o­ne. the herbicide atrazine, that is classified as a potential human carcinogen. Seventy million tons a year are used o­n cornfields in the Mississippi basin, and 1.5 million pounds of runoffs now flow into the drinking water of 20 million people. Atrazine is not removed by municipal water treatment.

Vice President Al Gore, 1994. pp.xxii-xxiii, Introduction to Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.

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