A toxic hangover from hell

Written by Ken Ausubel

What makes matters especially confusing at tis crucial juncture is the toxic political cocktail of delusion and deceit.  It's one ting to be blind to the fact that we are one with the environment.  It's another to cover it up.  For the 8 catastrophic years of George W. Bush's Dim Ages, the legacy of which continues to haunt us, we faced arguably the most secretive, deceptive, and crooked political administration in American history.  But make no mistake:  They were also true believers.  It was faith-based politics of delusional grade, and it whacked the world with a hangover from hell.

Kenny Ausubel, Dreaming the Future, p.17

(This article was posted in February, 2017.  Things are magnitudes worse now because America has a chief executive diagnosed with malignant narcissism being fed by a cabinet that denies reality and seems to have an evil, inhumane and entirely selfish intent.  In the first week of the current administration the Doomsday Clock moved closer to midnight than it has been since 1958.  Humanity, civilization and indeed all life on Earth will lucky if it survives in any recognizable form without an unforeseen paradigm shift.)

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