Fake News and Alternative Reality

Written by kenny Ausubel (continuing quotes 7}

Fake news and "truthiness" selling everything from war to Medicare policy and prescription drugs devour the nation's news media in an all-out invasion of the body snatchers.  Government and corporations are having public relations with the press, ant it's not pretty.  It has spawned a weird mutant species:  infoganda.

The empire of infoganda contemptuously dismissed the so-called "reality-based community" in favor of manufacturing its own reality.  Fake newscasters, corporate stealth marketers, and government shills routinely pose as journalists, or covertly lease them.  These actions are illegal under U.S. propaaganda statutes, yet they go largely unpunished.  Meanwhile on occasion real reporters who speak truth to power have faced prosecution and even prison.

Kenny Ausubel, Dreaming the Future, p.100 

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