5 more Earths needed!

Written by Julian Day Rose quote 1

As a result of our profligate consumer society we produce 20 million tons of rubbish (30% paper based) which is dumped into our landfills every year.  Not only this, we throw away some 40% of all our purchased food.  WE know it cannot go on. Fortunately, up and down the U.K. little bursts of "green" activity are heralding a move towards a saner and more self-reliant local economies.  This process needs to accelerate.  The current "free trade" world market model is using up what remains of global resources at a rate which cannot be sustained and thus cannot be condoned.  It has been stated that we would need 5 more planet Earths for the entire human human population of our present world to share the same "standards of living" as post-industrial Northern nations.  However, we don't have 5 more planet Earths.  We are--and have been--living beyond our means for too long. 

Julian Day Rose, In Defence of Life, pp.25-6.

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