Attention Consumers: Red Alert!

Written by Julian Day Rose quote 2

Consumers:  Listen--do you want to have a full and healthy life?  Do you want to have something edible on your plate?  Do you seriously believe that what you currently buy from Tesco and other hypermarkets is actually providing you with your nutritional needs?  Do you even care:  Or are you "too busy to think about it?  Do you ever read the labels on the packaging or is it only the price tag that interests you?  Do you know what all those "E" numbers mean?  The synthetic preservatives, colours, sweeteners and additives which form a significant part of the "food" that you eat--do you realise what they are doing to you and your children and your grandchildren?

Well I'll tell you:  they are destroying your immune systems.  They are eating away at your natural resistance to disease.  They are hardening your arteries.  They are blocking up the valves of your heart.  They are contributing to the chances of getting cancer.  Have you noticed that people are getting sick more and more frequently?  If you haven't noticed you must hae been asleep for the past decade.  How many times have you felt "really well" recently?  Not often?  Have you wondered why?

Julian Day Rose, In Defence of Life, p.29.

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