In defence of the cows

Written by Julian Day Rose quote 3

The average size of a UK dairy herd today iw approximately 70 cows.  Thirty years ago it was 25 and all the cows had names.  Now there is s movement towards mega-dairies: in Lincolnshire, for example, there was an application to build units for anything between 3,000 and 8,000 cows.  This application was turned down in the short term, but it is evidence of an emerging trend and such developments have already taken place in the United States.  The scale and factory style technology proposed for these mega-dairies would mean that cows would join commercially raised indoor pigs and chickens as nothing more than units on a conveyor belt designed to extract the maximum amount of milf from the cheapest available high protein diet.

Julian Day Rose, In Defence of Life, p.37


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