The fourth of July

Written by Stephen Dinan quote 6

On July 4 every year, the skies of America light up with fireworks to commemorate the winning of the Revolutionary War for independence from England and the signing of te Declaration of Independence.  For most of my adult life, I have frankly had mixed feelings about this holiday.  While there is beauty in the patriotic joy, we tend to focus on the glory of winning a war rather than the enshrinement of sacred principles of liberty, equality, and justice for all.  We do not make this a day of reconnecting and recommitting to our highest purpose.  It is not a day for reflection, healing, or bridge-building.  In short, it is not a day that we use to remember our country's higher purpose in a sincere way but instead to celebrate a war victory.  Today, we still see ourselves as a country of revolutionaries and fail to understand that as a form of immaturity.

Stephen Dinan, Sacred America, Sacred World,, pp.43 and 45.

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