On My Country and the World3

Written by Mikhail Gorbachev

As the world becomes more integrated and interdependent, it is, figuratively speaking, shrinking, but at the same time it becoming increasingly multifaceted. In a sense it is expanding. We cannot ignore either of these tendencies as they are two sides of the same dialectically developing process. To embody the idea of universality unity in practical terms is an epoch-making task.  For humanity to rise to a level at which it can realize the meaning of its own history, this must occur without irreparable harm to the environment, without exploitation of some by others and certainly not of entire nations, and without irreversible moral and spiritual losses. Much will depend o­n whether individual countries and the international community display the necessary understanding of the importance of global problems. The issue is not o­nly that the deepening of these problems would create increasing elements of tension in society but also that it could cause new conflicts between states, such as a struggle for natural resources, beginning with oil and gas and ending with water problems and problems of uncontrolled migration.

Excerpts from pp.190-214
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