Crimes Against Nature1

Written by Robert F. Kennedy. Jr.

I invariably hear the same refrain from audiences:  "Why haven't I heard any of this before?  Why aren't the environmentalists getting the word out?"  The fact is, there is no lack of effort o­n our part to inform the public, but we often hit a stone wall:  the media.  They are simply unwilling to cover environmental issues.  

Many major media outlets are controlled by companies that have a vested insterest in keeping environmental disasters under wraps:  NBC is owned by General Electric. the world's biggest polluter, with a world record of 86 Superfund sites.  Until three years ago, CBS was owned by Westinghouse, which has 39 Superfund sites.  Westinghouse is also the world's largest owner of nuclear power plants and the third-largest manufacturer of nuclear weapons.  

Absent a resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine, our nation's broadcast media, which should be an open forum for our democracy, will continue to devolve into a marketplace exclusively for commerce.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Crimes Against Nature, pp.174-175; 179-180; 187.

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