Spirit of Chinook Looking at Us

Written by Gritfish
Spirit of Chinook Looking at Us

White two-leggeds, what are you to me?
You are my brothers and my sisters!

Almighty God, God with Us, Immanuel, Jehovah, Buddha,
He-Whom-About-Naught-May-Be-Said, Higher Power, Allah,
Zoroaster, The Source, Wakan-Tanka,
Heavenly God with Many Names--He created us both.

From stardust of supernovas, from elements formed in
astral explosions eons and light-years away we were made.
We are brothers and sisters of the same

Our Heavenly Father put us here, in a place
wonderful, bountiful, clean.
He gave us great rivers and bright streams;
I lived there for millions of years.
I shared God's creation with red two-leggeds who revered me;
in return I was generous to them.

Wakan-Tanka intended you, two-leggeds,
to be guardians and stewards of Mother Earth
and all His creations and creatures in it.
He placed the sacred created Earth in your trust.

White two-leggeds, what are you doing to me?
Why are you killing me?
Your polluting industries, your destructive land use,
your resource extractions--
they are killing me.

The cause of my death is multifactorial.
Many players contribute to my death.
If I die, there are many losers.
If I survive and flourish, all will be winners.

Red two-leggeds, friends,
You haggle about aboriginal rights--
which half of my body is yours by aboriginal right.
Your haggling helps kill me.

Polluters, woe to you! Dammers, woe to you!
Bargemen, woe to you!
Cattlemen, whose herds defecate and defile the streams,
woe to you!
Irrigators, who suck water and smolt onto the desert,
woe to you!
Timbermen, who befoul the streams and their banks,
Woe to you!
Miners who poison the streams, woe to you!
Your karma will be heavy!
Metal smelters, woe to you!
Offshore oil drillers in Bristol Bay, woe to you!
Your karma will be heavy!
Each one of these lives by picking my dead bones.
And by picking the dead bones of my fellow creatures.
Your karma will be heavy!
Personal karma, governmental karma, national and racial
karma--if I die, they will be heavy!

Your deeds will be paid for by your generations--
all present and future generations will pay.
God's inheritance is intended for all time.
If it is destroyed, woe to the perpetrators--
your karma will be heavy and your debts severe!
Planetary assassins, your karma will be heavy!

God intended you to be my steward and guardian;
you are killing me.
Who will save me?
What will you do to save me?

I had a dream.
I saw clear, clean rivers.
I saw free-flowing rivers.
I saw my people, abundant and healthy.
I saw myself, God's creation, treated with respect
by the white two-leggeds.
I wish that it would be true.
I pray that it would be true.

I had a dream; a whorish nightmare.
I dreamt I saw backroom stogie suckers and politico
pork-barrel stogie suckers and politico toadies
sucking up to each other.
Rolls of dollars changing hands.
Blood money changing hands.
Rapacious plots for selfish gain.
I think it may be true.
Crapulent stogie suckers and politico toadies
sucking up to each other.
I think it might be true.

I had a nightmare.
I dreamt of foul, thick and smelling rivers--
sluggish with toxins--
deadly with toxins.
I saw no life in the rivers.
Banks trampled, redds dredged, all dammed,
water sucked out.
No life--a dead river.
I fear it will be true.

Woe to you, stogie suckers!
Woe to you, politicos!
Who owns your souls?
The forces of privilege and power--do they own your souls?

Grandchild of 'Wise Use' forebears, will you ask:
'Grandfather, what was a salmon?
Grandmother, what was a tree?
Grandparents, what was an environment?
Why did you kill it?'

Woe to you, 'Wise Use' babies!
Your parents have destroyed your heritage.

Woe to you, salmon-killers. Your karma will be heavy.

Every oval, every round will be a dead fish eye.
Every triangle will be a dead fish eye.
Your baby's navel--a dead fish eye!
Your lover's nipples--dead fish eyes!
A pouting kiss--a dead fish eye!
The moon--a dead fish eye!
Each coin, every doorknob, your watch, stop signs, buttons,
the bath tub drain--
all dead fish eyes!
Your puppy's eyes--dead fish eyes!
Every dancing sequin on your daughter's prom dress--
dead fish eyes!

In every round--you will see them everywhere!
In every oval--you will see them everywhere!
In every triangle--you will see them everywhere!
They will stare at you with cold, dead accusing fish-eyes.
Everywhere dead fish-eyes!
Glaring at you, two-leggeds!

Your karma will be heavy!
Praise God Wakan-Tanka!
Why won't you help me?

Gritfish © 1997

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