Plastic Fantastic

Written by Gritfish

Plastic Fantastic

Let's dance the Plastic Fantastic.
We espouse the life orgiastic.
Pollution and waste,
Extravagant taste,
Extractive and never monastic.

Let's live in a Plastic Fantastic.
Hot-pink trees, forests all made of plastic.
See the chartreuse deer
With a polystyrene ear,
Fake landscapes glitz neo-Jurassic.

'Wise Use' and Rush Limbaugh bombastic,
Notwithstanding, we sense something drastic.
Industrial toxins,
Not to mention dioxins,
Their effects are making us spastic.

Our ties to the Earth we did sever.
We drift toward our doom without tether.
We get what we deserve,
We failed to conserve.
Exit mankind, adios, gone forever.

Gritfish © 1997

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