Raven Seizes the Morning Star

Written by Gritfish

Raven Seizes the Morning Star

Morning Star, chieftain priestess, the brightest one, alit atop Wy'East's peak
To pirouette, as her companions continued to dance above the Cascade crest.
Raven, swooping from the north, seized Morning Star in his beak
And deposited her in my amazed palm to rest:
A propitious omen in the dark of the unborn day.
Facing east, in veneration to Chinook I made a request:
'Teach me the meaning that your great migrations convey.'
'In the Great Spirit's world,' Chinook answered, 'all life is regarded as one guest.'

Raven and Morning Star danced on to the river
Where they petitioned Chinook on my behalf:
'Chinook and Two-legged, your fate and your souls are held in common together-
Entwine your blood and your flesh around Great Spirit's staff.'
Salmon-spirits, emissaries, to their call responded
To teach me that all life is inseparably bonded.

Gritfish © 2000

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