Time Rider

Written by Gritfish

Time Rider

I have ridden the crest of time
For fifteen billion years.
At the instant of creation, 
When all the heat of the universe 
Was in the head of a pin,
The principle that I am was there.
When the plasmic muons flared outward;
When electrons formed and cosmic clouds condensed;
When galaxies with stars and solar systems formed,

Riding the crest of time I was there.

The unfolding moment is froth
And the lip of time's wave is like foam-
With fingers and teardrops that strain forward,
Bright bubbles--sparking, iridescent:

An occasional meteor flies off like a skyrocket
And bursts into thousands of fragments;
Each spark of the burst in turn bursting and again bursting
And each spark sets in motion a new wave of time.

When the archaen bacteria matted the pre-Cambrian rocks;
As co-creator my presence was there
And when Nostoc algae turned Nova Scotia blue green.
I was there.
The crustacean creatures of the Burgess Shale,
Dwellers in that ancient sea

Bore witness to me and so I to them.
Brachiopods, trilobites, armored sharks and great avascular plants,
Carboniferous forests of lycopods and ferns,
Lumbering crocodilian amphibians, plesiosaurs, dinosaurs,
Moving forward, churning, mixing and changing,
Driving the arrow of time--I am carried along.

The wave grows higher, the crest more terrible and grand,
More complexities, more species, more difficult interrelationships:
My hand and these things--for they are the same process--
Determine the future size and shape of the wave.

I and my species will, by the strength of our choices, 
Quell or promote the starfroth at the crest;
Abort or promote the gain of the wave-swelling comber 
Or flat slosh of scum on the beach and the end of all of the ages.
Oh, ride with me, come ride with me--
Come glorious angels, come emerging Buddha-beings;
Rescue us!

Gritfish © 2001
Images Courtesy Anthony A. Herrera

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