One Bright Star

Written by Gritfish


One Bright Star

The press of the world is upon me.
I am assaulted from all sides.
I am exhausted 
But evening and the time for rest have come at last. 
I'll lean my back against the warm bricks of my house
And watch the day end as the setting sun slips below the horizon.
The clouds traverse the sky in wondrous strokes of glory. 

One bright star shines alone in the pre-twilight sky.
I know what that is—it's Venus, a planet-- and that's that!

But now it darkens and more stars appear.
By midnight the heaven is aglitter with countless stars.
They say that there are a hundred billion galaxies
And that each galaxy has a hundred billion stars.
If I could perceive the light from all those stars
Projected on the heavenly hemisphere unabated
The entire celestial dome would be ablaze without voids.
It is the night of Brahma.

They say that most of those hundred billion hundred billion stars
Have planets circling around them
And most of those planets have at least several satellites.
Many of those hundred billion hundred billion stars
Are binary, tertiary or even quaternary systems.
Would daybreak on a planet orbiting a binary star present as a bilobed sun?
What would the tectonic plate mechanics be if the star were quaternary?
And if the planet had seas, what raging tides would the competing moons create?
Or would they cancel out, as in a mariner's dream, to calm?
If I had been manifested on such a place, would I have form?
Or would I be a swirl of electromagnetic waves or quantum particles,
A cloud of vapor perhaps,
Or ferromagnetic granules organized by a field?

They say the Big Bang left behind black holes
Which cannot be seen because of their event horizons.
Everything inside the event horizon is drawn into the black hole 
Perhaps to exit through a wormhole into another universe.
I can detect only those things that escape the black hole
Because they are outside the event horizon.
They say that small black holes may have been left all around;
If I were standing next to one I would not see it.
When I die, will my soul be drawn into a black hole to be torn apart 
And then emerge to be reconstituted in another universe?
Are small black holes those life experiences 
That distress, destroy and burnish us
And yet are the doors to revelations that enrich our lives and bless us?
Even our own universe has an event horizon—
Light travels at a finite speed.
Does our universe extend beyond the distance that light could have traveled
Since the beginning of time?
Or is there any time? Perhaps the universe is holographic
And time a phantom.

Some say the space between the far-flung stars is a vacuum
And others that it is filled with an ether.
They say that ninety percent of the mass of the universe cannot be accounted for.
They talk of black matter, anti-matter and neutrinos.
They say that millions of neutrinos pass undetected through my body every second.
Some say that consciousness fills the universe and is a property of all things.
Aristotle said that Divine Thought is the prime mover of Creation.
Ancient Toltec sorcerers believed that the universe is completely filled
With innumerable filaments called emanations of the Eagle.
Are these emanations the rays that spring from the brow of God?
In an Euclidean universe all the filaments focus on each individual,
Passing through the assemblage point just behind the left shoulder.
Thus I am connected with every supernova, star, quasar, black hole and pulsar.
I am connected with every cloud of cosmic dust.
I am in fact the epicenter of the universe; every point in the universe 
Is on a line that passes through my assemblage point.
In this way every atom of the universe has its own assemblage point.
When you stand beside me, your assemblage point
And therefore the center of your universe, is different than mine.
You and I, because the focal points of our universes are different,
Exist in separate universes yet both co-permeate the same space-time.
Space-time includes the Euclidean construct and thus
Even in the larger construct of space-time
Each person is the center of a unique universe.
The Toltecs said that the Eagle chose a bundle of filaments
Appropriate for each individual in his time
But what if time does not exist?

How would the world appear to me if I were a bird?
My eyes would be on opposite sides of my head
And look in opposite directions.
What if I were a flatfish living on the bottom of the sea
And could only look upward—what would my universe be like?
What marvelous worlds might exist behind my head where I cannot see?
What of the angels, devas and things underground?

And what of that core star of infinite beauty—
That spark of the numinous divine—
That lies on my hara line a hand's breadth above my navel?
Do not the emanations of the Eagle 
All pass through this center as well?
As one individuated being I am
The epicenter of two co-existent universes.

I feel the link from the base of my spine to the center of the Earth.
I feel the link from the crown of my head to the Source above.
Truly, I am suspended between Heaven and Earth.

The sun rises, a familiar single orb.
I have been here all night.
I see that, in my present biochemical form,
My sacred longing is to link the core star
To the assemblage point and thus move
With the creative consciousness—Spirit of God—
To manifest the Plan at all points on our Earth.

"And what is man, that God should be mindful of him?
Hebrews 2:6

Gritfish © 2002



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