Written by Gritfish


Gulf of Alaska gray, Kodiak Island green, fog and cat's paws on Marmot Bay:
Hioooooooshppt! A humpback whale blows.
Water vapor from within cavernous lungs
Joins southward blowing clouds.
It rains in Oregon.
I drink.
I humpback.

I walk beside the pond,
Shedding microscopic flakes of epidermis.
A hair falls from my head.
I expectorate.
Skin, hair and spit wash into the pond
And rot.
An alga grows.
Spirulina I.

Trees and vegetation in the tropical rain forest
Respire, release oxygen,
Atmospheric currents gyre worldwide,
I breathe.
I Amazonia.

I drive my car.
One gallon of gas
Becomes eight pounds of carbon dioxide and particulates.
Solar insolation is entrapped.
Global warming pollution I.

Flounder genes are introduced into
Genetically modified tomatoes
To make them frost-resistant.
I eat salsa.
I flounder anti-freeze tomato.

I starstuff eons ago supernova explosion forging complex atoms interstellar cloud condensing into solar system planet Earth calcium prairie plants Stegosaurus eats dies bones decay truck garden I eat brussel sprouts I die bones rot calcium back into Earth future milk-giving herbivore eats as-yet unevolved grasses as-yet unevolved marvelous creature drinks future milk and soars heavenward toward the stars future Buddha-being I.

Old man sea otter on Kodiak,
(My grandfather's bones his bones),
Dies, sinks, drifts into deep water,
Is eaten by snow crabs.
I eat sushi.
I old man sea otter I.

Gritfish © 2000

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