Thank You, Henry Ford

Written by Gritfish

Thank You, Henry Ford

Open road, all aboard, thank you, thank you, Henry Ford!
Roam the country,  go for bust—further, Furthur!  Wanderlust! 
Suffer not the scenic track;
Dump the rucksack from your back!
The invention of the gas-powered car 
Has enabled us to travel far—
Freedom to go just as we please
In banana boats and SUVs.
Blithely now we blast along,
Chirping out a driving song,
Passing gasses out the rear,
Heating up the thermosphere.

We are adverse to sweat and hikes—
Never walk or ride our bikes.
Asphalt streets and parking lots
Boycott beauty from our thoughts;
Urban sprawl and shopping mall
Pervert nature to their thrall.
Central is that sex-trap machine
Consuming tons of gasoline.
We pursue the base and puerile,
Addicted to a proffered lifestyle.
Hedonists drive a dead-end street 
As the planet suffers death by heat.
Public transit?  Imposed stagnation!
We hold it an inalienable right that transportation
Must provide us with ad-lib migration.

Ghost of Henry, what we can do
Before the Earth is cooked clear through?
Give up our cars? That's not an option!
Forego luxury?  Never happen!
Offer us another choice for commuting,
Sleeker, lighter, non-polluting,
Just as fast or even faster,
But without greenhouse disaster.
Listen up, you clever automotive engineers—
Mankind wants to keep on grinding gears
Without superheating Ma Earth's future years!


      © 2004

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