Pop Your Bod, Babe!

Written by Gritfish

POP your bod, babe!
POP in your bod, babe:
Endocrine disrupter!

(Persistent Organic Pollutants)

Sexier! Healthier! Younger!
Big-boob Barbie and stud-macho Ken! 
Flaunt your breasts, your vaunted bods!
Eat right!  Exercise!  Wear bikinis!  Go topless! Get laid!

We have a cult of sexy youth
to a point forsooth uncouth—

But there have been POPs in your body, 
since you were a baby,
and they have had an effect!

Your pushup hooters are toxic dumpsites, 
didja know?
Your pushup tits are Superfund sites,
but someone doesn't want you to know!
Your knockers are sponges for dioxins
and fat-soluble carcinogenic poisons
and if you're a strontium90-effected down-winder, 
they're radioactive and glow.

Recombinant bovine growth hormones are pumped
into Elsie the bursted-udder cow, contaminating 
the cow-milk we are urged to drink:
epidemic breast cancer—rBGH link.

As for Ken, he may think his ejaculate is a-poppin'
But at the same time his sperm count is a-droppin':
Estrogen-mimicking POPs his virility is a-stoppin'!

In short, our bodies
Are toxic toddies.

We are the environment.  There is no distinction.
 --David Suzuki

Gritfish © 2004

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