A Trip to Omaha

Written by Gritfish

A Trip to Omaha

Eva Kerr, while studying to be a nurse in Omaha, 
Made many friends.
She passed the nursing exams and took an excellent job
In western Nebraska.
She managed the sickest patients
But Eva missed Omaha.

Eva returned to Omaha and worked at the Presbyterian Hospital ,
Where she had trained.  
She met Christian, a medical student, and fell in love.
After Christian graduated, they got married and moved
To Diller, a small town in south-central Nebraska.
Christian  practiced  as a country doctor
But Diller was too far from Omaha
And Eva was unhappy.

When my father was a babe in arms, 
Christian and Eva moved to Talmage,
Located on the Missouri Southern Railroad.
Talmage is seventy miles from Omaha. 
Christian took a position as railroad doctor
To supplement his rural practice.
Eva could travel at reduced fare.

Eva was petite and pretty, with gray-blue eyes.
Wearing a stylish plumed hat, white ruffled blouse,
Red cummerbund and gray tailored ankle-high skirt,
Eva would board the train after breakfast.
By early mid-morning she was in Omaha.
(She didn't do this every day, of course).

In season she would bring radishes or strawberries
From her country garden to her friends in the city
Or she might share some with the travelers in her coach.
In Omaha she could shop and visit her many friends,
Chat and have lunch; they might stroll in the park.
At four she would wave good-bye to her friends
And ride on the train back to Talmage.
She would watch the farms and the cornfields roll by,
Read or nap if she wished. 
At six she was in Talmage.
She could walk to her home
But if it were raining Chris would be there to meet her.

The railroad from Talmage to Omaha
Has been replaced by state route 96.
You can drive but it is tiring, is no faster
And is dangerous if it happens to snow.
A freeway congested with roaring freight trucks and autos
Has replaced the congenial railroad
That served Eva so extremely well.

                                     (c) 1998

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