Toccata and Fugue in Forest Ancient

Written by Gritfish
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Clear clarion call, celestial winds,
Rose-salmon east, thunder at dawn.
Israfel and Gabriel
In duet on God's alpenhorn.
Sandalphon and Metatron, majordomos to Yahweh's domain
Marshall the angels for the dawning day.
Archangel Gabriel with six hundred wings
And archangel Raphael,
Archangels Micheal and Uriel
Lead their respective hosts to kneel and pray.
Zuphlas, divine genius of the forests,
Maktiel, angel with dominion over trees,
Angel of the mountains, Rampel,
Angel of the wilderness, Orifiel,
Angel presiding over running streams, Nahaliel,
Angel with dominion over storm winds, Za'afiel,
Nuriel, angel of hailstorms,
Anspiel, guardian angel of the birds,
Galgaliel, chief angel of the sun
And the Angel clothed with the Moon--
In full panoply amid the forest's canopy:
Hark!  The murmuring and the winging that overhead you hear
Are not mere passiforms and raptors
But instead are our souls' sweet captors.

Darling devas dancing, dancing, dappling down
Bringing gifts of sunlight to waiting leaves and needles
And to the ground.
Energetic packets, photons, prana coming from the sun.
Sylvan sylphs slide slanting sunbeams down,
Puff into sparkles when they hit the forest duff!
Darling devas dancing, dappling, dancing down,
Sylvan sylphs sliding sunbeams to the ground
Bring the powers of creation to the ground.
Bring the forces of creation into the ground.
Mighty pillars, trunks of trees thus these raise
To honor their Creator and to praise
The Ancient Forest,  God's own great handiwork.
The Ancient Forest, cathedral to honor God.


Kalmiopsis, Gold and Silver Falls, Opal Creek, Brietenbush,
Pseudotsuga menziesii, Taxus brevifolia, Abies grandis,
Dead Horse Rim, Metolius, Millenium Grove, Chinquapin,
Pinus ponderosa, Pinus lambertiana, Pinus contorta,
Sequoia gigantea, Sequoia sempervirens, Thuja plicata,
Chicagof Island, Tinakee Inlet, Yakutat Forelands,
Kadashan River, Meares Island, Bay of Pillars,
Douglas fir, Pacific yew, Grand fir,
Wildcat Backcountry, Khutzeymateen Inlet, South Moresby,
Ponderosa pine, Sugar pine, Lodgepole pine,
Giant sequoia, Redwood, Western red cedar,
Willapa, Domfino Creek, White Chuck, Dark Divide,
Larix occidentalis, Picea sitchensis, Tsuga heterophylla,
Abies concolor, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, Alnus rubra,
Clearwater Wilderness, Siskiyou, Bull-of-the-Woods,
Murderers Creek, Cascade Head, Tsitika River Valley,
Rhododendron macrophylllum, Arbutus menziesii,
Acer macrophyllum, Juniperus occidentalis,
Populus tremuloides,
Deus antiquas silvas bene dic.
Western larch, Sitka spruce, Western hemlock,
White fir, Port Orford cedar, Red alder,
Deus antiquas silvas bene dic.
Pacific rhododendron, Pacific madrone,
Bigleaf maple, Western juniper,
Quaking aspen,
Deus antiquas silvas bene dic.
Colquille River Falls, Big Bottom, Strawberry Mountain,
Malheur Canyon, Metolius Breaks, Upper Hoona Sound,
Affleck Canal, Kalmiopsis, Gold and Silver Falls, Opal Creek,
God bless the Ancient Forests.
Deus antiquas silvas bene dic.

Pseudotsuga menziesii, Pinus ponderosa, Sequoia gigantea,
Rhododendron macrophyllum, Taxus brevifolia,
Picea sitchensis, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana,
Larix occidentalis, Sequoia sempervirens,
God bless the Ancient Forests.
Deus antiquas silvas bene dic.


©  1996        



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