River Rode

Written by Gritfish

River Rode


                                                I, if upon this river rode

                                                As hapless mote upon the tide,

                                                And must perforce thereby abide

                                                What ere the stars of chance bestowed,

                                                Passive against the massive flow,

                                                I, when by turbid eddy caught,

                                                Would powerless be; contribute naught.


                                                So let us row, row, row,

                                                Sisters and brothers, gather and tow,

                                                Row strongly from womb until tomb.

                                                Row through the glamour, fog and mirage;


                                                March on the fortress on the gloomering hill;

                                                Brave the burning ground.

                                                Alone and together we can siege the keep,

                                                Dismantle the walls,

                                                And when the river has been strongly rowed,

                                                We will seal the door where evil dwells.

                                                                                      Gritfish (c) 2008


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