Awakening and Transformation

Written by Gritfish

Awakening and Transformation


Let nothing become dogma for you.

Eschew theocracy.

Be unorthodox.

Knowledge is fluid,

It intermingles and blends.

Move with the tides.

Seek meaning, not means.

Concepts outlast materials.

Inevitable collapse is the fate of all empires:

Shiva, the Shatterer of Worlds.


The giant appearing on the horizon—

It is your grandmothers:

Millions of souls.

It is your grandfather

Confronting all concerns.

It is the sum total

Of all of the angels of our better selves.

It is everywhere.

Its holographic descent

Encircles the world.

Respond to the Holy Spirit.

As active intelligence and

Nurturing principle of the universe,

It manifests through us:

We are birthing the new Axial Age.

                                                                      Gritfish (c) 2008

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