Why the Boy Scouts Were Correct After All

Written by Gritfish

Why the Boy Scouts Were Correct After All


When I was a Boy Scout it was taught to me

That there is something worshipful about a tree.

Trees, I learned, are measures of environmental health.

Forests, I learned, are spiritual wealth.

Ancient forests, I mean, not tree farms or plantations—

The latter are merely second-rate imitations.

Ancient forests, I learned, are intrinsically good.

Ancient forests had value much greater than wood.

Eagles, great eagles, from their lofty tree-crown position,

Symbolize the future with their far-reaching vision.


But when I grew up I was told that these concepts are wrong.

Ancient Forests are a commodity to be sold for a song.


As an adult, I was told that I must—

Be Prepared:

            To live in a world devoid of wilderness beauty.

Be Prepared:

            To embrace a materialistic mercenary “Duty.”

I was told that I must,

On My Honor

            Pledge to worship the Almighty Dollar.


Thank God for those values formatively imbued

As counter to those in adulthood misconstrued;

They serve to preclude Nature’s plunder;

They serve to protect Nature’s wonder.

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