Mindful Busy Walking

Written by Gritfish

Out of the cradle, endlessly walking,

Throughout our lives, from infancy onward,

Hurriedly, worriedly, continually stalking

The receding mirage that we view as our reward

For diligence, effort, persistence and strength—

Hence we slog and we plod our life’s total length,

Intent on the future, with regret for the past,

Eyes focused forward and self-gain our intent,

Striving and grasping, to our wants we hold fast:

Our present circumstances produce discontent—

We stamp upon Earth’s face. 

We charge along with mindless pace.


Sojourners in a brief moment, are we not?

Gone is the past and the future is naught.

Reality is the instant and not some future we want.

What if we were mindful of the moment

As we hurried through our commerce?

What if each step a mantra brought—

A mindful pause, the moment sought?


Right brain/left leg; left brain/right leg:  as we ambulate  

The right and left brains alternate.

Below and between your cerebral hemispheres,

Deep in the midbrain, is the anterior cingulate.

Seek the answer deep, internal,

Hold will-to-good in Light Supernal,

Use each brain-side’s thinking gears,

Activate your anterior cingulate—

Walking, meditate.


And even if you “must” walk at warp speed—

A glance—a flower— a blessing received!

Choose a mantra, walk in step:

Tikkun Olam, hep, hep, hep!


Hurriedly, busily, continually walking,

Mindfully, silently, internally talking,

Know that each moment from your birth

You have walked upon the Earth.

Walk gently; let every step be a prayer

And a pledge to walk with utmost care.

When you are walking you may consider

That you are walking on the bones of an ancestor;

That you are walking as brother and sister;

That how you walk constructs the future;

That you walk within a community;

That you walk in company with Divinity;

That an aura of blessing surrounds you,

Progressing as you move your feet,

Encompassing every person that you meet.


*Walt Whitman:  Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking


**The right cerebral hemisphere controls the motor activity of the left side of the body and is involved with intuitive, holistic and artistic thought; the left cerebral hemisphere controls the motor activity of the right side of the body and is concerned with analytical and reality-based thoughts.


***The anterior cingulate is a midbrain structure deep to the two cerebral hemispheres that is associated with courage, optimism, and non-instinctive, novel solutions and facilitates communication between the right and left cerebral hemispheres.


****Tikkum Olam:  a kabalistic Hebrew phrase meaning “Heal the Earth” or “Mend the Earth.”

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