A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency

Written by John Stanley, David Loy and Gyume Dorje

A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency is a potent book, detailing exquisitely the causes and effects of global warming.  It is a collection of essays by concerned thinkers and teachers such as the Dali Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn and Joanna Macy.  Among other crises, the book emphasizes the importance of the "third pole"--the huge volumes of frozen water held in the glaciers of the Hindu Kush and Himalayas--these glaciers are the headwaters and source of major rivers such as the Indus, Mekong, Yellow, Ganges and Yangtze rivers, upon whcih the populations of China, India and southeast Asia depend.  This is not a religious tract but an urgent call about a manmade calamity that threatens to extinguish the present human race and send us the way of Homo erectus and Homo neanderthalis.  As the Buddhist thinkers outline here, there is a solution and the disaster may be averted if the global human community acts compassionately and for the common good.  Otherwise, we literally will be toast!  Buddhist or not, this book is essential reading for everyone.

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