Dreaming the Future

Written by Kenny Ausubel

The faux-election of Donald Trump resulted in world-wide gloom, shock,discouragement and fear of impending doom.  In short, much of humanity saw this event as signaling the end of civilization as we know it.  Carl Sagan, among others, have predicted a 50-50 chance that planet Earth will continue to be able to support human life.

We should not forget that Energy Follows Thought--that what we think determines what we do.  Undoubtedly we are entering a period of great change which well may determine whether, as Isaac Asimov predicted in the Foundation seriesEarth will become an uninhabitable slum--a dead planet--or recover to again become a vital, thriving organism supporting all forms of interconnected life.

Let us dream and then manifest a world where humans take their cues from nature; where we focus on justice, diversity, democracy, and peace.  As a species and for our own survival, let us dream and think and manifest a future of ecological and social justice that will continue to nurture all forms of life on Earth.   

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