World on the Edge

Written by Lester R. Brown

World On the Edge:  How to prevent environmental and economic collapse by Lester R. Brown and the Earth Policy Institute is the latest iteration of Brown's Plan B.  There is abundant and undeniable evidence that global human civilization is on a doomsday course--each day that no action is taken brings global civilization to collapse.  Failed states continue to increase in number; food supplies dwindle, desertification is speeding up; water is getting scarcer and what is available is more polluted; we are eating all the fish in the ocean, etc., etc. The litany of bad news is great and is recounted in the first half of World on the Edge.  The second half of the book explains how we may yet save ourselves and what steps it would take to prevent civilization's collapse.  One specific item of good news is that it would take only about 1/3 of the United States military budget to turn things around!

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