Voluntary Simplicity (2d ed.)

Written by Duane Elgin

Voluntary Simplicityy  (2d ed.) is a visionary work.  Duane Elgin has updated his 1981 classic with a clarion call for us to wake up!  Elgin catalogues the adverse tendencies that presently are coalescing as a perfect storm with the potential to critically damage planet Earth and destroy human civilization. “Potential” is too weak an adjective; Elgin points out that if we continue as we are doing now, it is certain that human life, if it survives, will be severely degraded.  Thankfully, there is a way toward a future that is outwardly simple, inwardly rich and more rewarding to the individual than the bitch-god of consumerism that we worship now.  Elgin outlines ways of living, individually and as local and global communities that personally enriching, soulfully rewarding and sustainable.

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