Written by E. O. Wilson

E.O Wilson, in agreement with most biologists and natural scientists, points out again what is becoming clear:  humanity is playing a global endgame.  Wilson believes that humans will realize that, for the survival of humanity, the evolutionary principle of species survival will force a change of humanity's attitude from individualism to community--the entire planetary biome being the community.  Species whose individual members cooperate thrive; others do not.  Present technology favors a smaller ecological footprint with an improved lifestyle--we don't have to continue to savage our common home to live well.  Basic to life processes is biodiversity; Wilson identifies places on Earth where biodiversity is still exuberant.  These special places include Gorgongosa National Park in Mozambique (distant and exotic) and the long-leaf pine savannas of the American South (local and familiar).  If half of Earth's surface is set aside, valued and cherished, life on Earth, including mankind, can continue to thrive.  HALF EARTH:  Our Planet's Fight for Life is hopeful, imperative and delightful to read.                                                                                                                                                                             

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